Feel inspired at The Joel Gallery, a hidden gem in Mousehole

The esteemed artist, the late,  great,  Ken Howard, OBE, RA, was a great friend of the family  who enjoyed exhibiting his wonderful work in our gallery when it was called The Little Picture Gallery.   

‘Fantastic Gallery with the most awesome owners’ 

Now we are The Joel Gallery, we still have some of his paintings on display and for sale. 

This gallery has evolved over a few months to become a place of tranquillity and conversation, and a place to learn new techniques.


Our gallery features over a dozen artists, most are local and some are from far away.

Apart from the work of the Joel Family (paintings, by Judy and Tim,  textiles by Beth and photography by Paul), there is also the opportunity to book a lesson in painting for any age group with Tim, or  pottery with Alice who has her studio in one part of the gallery.

‘What a wonderful find.   Such a beautiful place – a little oasis of art’

Also in the gallery, apart from a wide variety of original paintings in many different styles, there are original prints, reproductions and cards available to buy.


The Joel Gallery was created in our home after the Little Picture Gallery in Mousehole had to close due to the pandemic.

The entrance to the Joel Gallery is from a little alleyway off Commercial Road, just up from “The Orange Cafe.”.  Come and experience our lovely hidden garden in the centre of Mousehole on your way into the house and gallery.  It is a place where people can come and be inspired by the setting, engage in conversation, have a go at painting or pottery, and relax with us.

We are open whenever the green signs on Commercial Road are up or at any time by appointment.

Please “whatsapp” Judy on 07375492464.   Mobile signals are not great in Mousehole, but Whats App seems to work!


Beth’s doorstops, “meeple” small bags, cushions and other hand-crafted goods are also available, and commissions are welcome.

‘Love the work – so vibrant with very positive vibes.’

We also have some jigsaw puzzles designed by Judy depicting village scenes, and will soon also feature puzzles by Tim as well. 


Come and enjoy our company and see what our gallery can inspire you to do!

Maybe you will be inspired to take up art, pottery, textiles or photography when you get home.

Countless people come and say “I can’t paint” our reply is  “you never know what you can do unless you try”.

Several people came last year and booked a lesson with Tim and have later reported that they have now joined their own local art group and are progressing well. All they needed was a push to be motivated and to believe in what they can achieve.

‘A very big thank you Tim, for helping me discover the beauty of painting and colours.!   Had the best time during the painting session.’


‘What a wonderful introduction to art for my six-year-old boy.  Thank you, Tim.’

Enjoy the flow state of good energy and

creative calm that people feel when here.

Discover the magic of what art can do.

Let us inspire you!