Meet The Joel Family

We aim to help people find stunning artwork to adorn their homes. They will love the experience of visiting The Joel Gallery.

Paul and Judy were on holiday in the Indian Ocean when the Boxing Day Tsunami struck. 

Lucky survivors of that terrible time. 

They resolved to do something they had always wanted to do when they returned and that was to open their own gallery showing their own art and the art of local friends in the area they lived. 

Their gallery – then called The Little Picture Gallery was popular from the start.    

Roll on 17 years and then Paul and Judy’s family came to live in the village also.   

Bethany,  their daughter, whose free machine embroidery and charming textiles are ever popular, came to live in Mousehole and might have taken on The Little Picture Gallery later on had it not been for the Pandemic which struck at the heart of everyone.   

Soon after Tim, their son, came to live in the village as a single parent of two, having returned from 20 years living in Taiwan. Tim had formed many connections in the East and was a prolific painter.     

So when the gallery had to close in 2020 the Joel Gallery was born.    

As a new gallery, we do have mountains to climb, but now that we are able to extend the gallery further into our own house, we hope to be able to offer visitors a more unique experience in that people have to find us rather like a magical mystery tour….through the hidden garden and into the gallery a different way.   

Tim will continue to offer painting classes meant to inspire rather than teach all ages.     

Beth may take on private free machine embroidery classes.   

Judy may offer an insight into how to paint in her naïve style.

And Alice, our resident potter is happy to give classes to individuals or groups in learning how to throw a pot.

There is an artist in everyone.

   Be inspired by what you see and inspire others.